Coding Resources for Kids

Resources for Coding

Free Online Websites/Courses:

  • Scratch—You can move customizable characters (“sprites”) around on a screen. This block-based coding language is a perfect introduction to the way programmers think. Create your own game or use one of the guided challenges that show you what to do. Scratch can use user-input and can be as simple or complex as you want.
  • Khanacademy—Khanacadamy has a course you can work through that teaches you to code in Javascript, a text-based coding language. Again, this is based on results that print to a screen. Eventually, you can learn to create complicated, interactive programs.
  • Codeacademy—Offers both Basic (free) and Pro (paid) courses in multiple programming languages, as well as advanced options.
  •—Free online platform that teaches coding in a variety of different languages. It also has an hour of code course.
  • Amazon Future Engineer—During the current pandemic, Amazon is offering free access to courses with their partners.

  • ID Tech—This can be expensive, but they have several interesting courses in a variety of difficulties.

  • ID Tech—This can be expensive, but they have several interesting courses in a variety of difficulties.


Toys and Robots:

Advanced Online Resources:

  • Dr. Java—An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that is used for Java programming. I recommend it for those who want to program on their own in Java, without much guidance. This requires installation, though, which can b fairly lengthy. Make sure to install Java on your computer.
  • Github—Excellent for communication and collaboration on code, and very well known among programmers.
  • Git—I’ve used Git to code in Python before. It has an interesting layout using several cells that can work together, and it works well for coding Neural Networks if you want to try that.

Girl Scouts:

Think Like A Programmer—Learn how programmers solve problems by participating in interactive computational thinking activities and complete a Take Action project. Complete the Think Like A Programmer Virtual Journey!
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