MoMath Adds Up to Fun – National Museum of Mathematics

Can you ride a bike with square wheels? At MoMath you can!

Recently I visited MoMtath, the national museum of mathematics. Located in New York City, this museum features various exhibits on geometry, statistics, fractals, puzzles and reflections. When you step into MoMath through the doors featuring a pi symbol placed on the divide, you view a large room filled with colorful exhibits and activity.

Entrance to MoMath museum. A pi symbol is placed on the divide between the two doors.

3D Shape Manipulator

In this exhibit, choose one of several basic 3D shapes to work with. Then customize it by expanding sections, cutting off corners, expanding edges, choosing different colors, and finally adding different textures too. Save your creation for others to vote on!

Enigma Café

Walk down some steps and enter a whole new area of math! You may find yourself sitting down at one of many tables with a puzzle in front of you to crack. One of the tables features spatial relations puzzles called tavern puzzles (affiliate link). Other tables hold different mathematical puzzles. Sit down and enjoy one of the many mathematical puzzles on the menu!

Believe it or not, the ring actually comes off!

3D Doodle

Use 2-dimentional cross sections to form 3-dimentional shapes! With different 2D shapes, I was able to form a sphere and a cube. My dad didn’t believe that some of the shapes would fit into a cube. But, when I slid them into place, they formed a rotated cube. We did the exact same thing in geometry, just without the hands on experience, so this will really help when I go back to school! With circles of varying sizes, I was able to form a sphere as well. Right next to this station was one with clear 3D blocks that could be placed in a rectangle with red light shining from the border. The light cut into them, showing where cross sections could be formed.

As I left the museum (reluctantly), I used the MoMath Logo Generator to create a MoMath logo using mathematical symbols (such as pi and sigma). Although it is not as large as some 0f the other museums in New York City, it was full of interesting and exciting mathematical activities such as puzzles, 3D shapes, a Mobius Strip (following a path leads you to the other side), statistics, and fractals.

I could have stayed at MoMath all day. There are plenty of inspiring activities for all ages and levels of mathematical knowledge. MoMath is a must-see if you are in Manhattan.

MoMtath: National Museum of Mathematics
11 E 26th St.
New York, NY 10010

Open all week, 10am – 5pm



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