Top Five Toys For Young Makers

These awesome technology, building, and design toys are fun and will increase your ability to make things:

  1. Roominate– You can design houses and wire them. They come with cute figures to live in the houses. You can personalize your own house plan and decorations.
  2. LittleBits– Build circuits with magnetic components to make pieces do cool things. I like that there are hundreds of possible combinations. You can make a different one each time. Combine with LEGO to make moving objects, like cars.
  3. Snap Circuits– Snap pieces together to make pieces spin, light up, and other cool things. I like that the pieces are marked with numbers to easily refer to. The downside is that they are hard to put in place.
  4. Spirograph– Make cool designs with stencils. There are so many possibilities. It now comes with spiro putty to keep the stencils in place.
  5. LEGO: You can make houses with amazing details or tons of different designs with these small bricks. They are easy to snap together, considering their small size. LEGO can also be a base for other maker projects, including electronics.


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